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Share some Software as a Service – Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 1Z0-960 exam questions and answers below.
Which two delivered roles can access the full functionality of Functional Setup Manager,

A. Application Implementation Manager

B. Functional Setup Manager Superuser

C. Application Implementation Consultant

D. Any functional user

E. IT Security Manager

Answer: A,C

Your customer wants to have balance sheets and income statements for their cost center and program segments. That is, they want to have three balancing segments.Which two recommendations would you give your customer?

A. When entering journals manually, the customer will need to make sure that the debits and credits are equal across all balancing segments because the system will not automatically balance the journal.

B. Every journal where debits do not equal credits across the three balancing segments will result in the System generating extra journal lines to balance the entry.

C. Additional intercompany rules will need to be defined for the two additional balancing segments.

D. Ledger balancing rules will need to be defined to instruct the system on how to generate balancing entries for the second and third balancing segments.

Answer: A,D

Your customer has enabled encumbrance accounting. You have a control budget with the advisory level set at control. For November 2015, your budget for a given combination is $5,000 USD. You have an approved requisition of $900 USD and you have an approved purchase order of $2,500 USD. An adjustment encumbrance journal is created in the General Ledger for the obligation type for $1,600 USD. You then cancelled the approved PO line of $400 USD. For November 201b, you created a new invoice by matching to the PO for $2,100 USD.

Which two statements are true?

A. Purchase order encumbrance will be released for $2100 USD.

B. As there are cancellations for $400 USD, the system will partially reserve the funds in November 2015 and fully reserve it in December 2015.

C. As you are matching to a purchase order, the system will allow the user to create an invoice with the reservation status of Reserved.

D. Encumbrance entries are created only for nonmatched Invoices, so the system will not create any encumbrance accounting entries.

E. The system always consumes budget of future periods if the limit for the current period is expired, so December 2015 budget will be considered for reservation.

Answer: CE

You are implementing Financials Cloud and are using spreadsheets to load Legal Entities, Business Units, and Account Hierarchies.

Which three setup objects can be loaded via a spreadsheet from Functional Setup Manager?

A. complete Accounting Configuration

B. Suppliers and Customers

C. Banks, Bank Accounts, and Branches

D. chart of account values, accounting calendar, and ledger

E. setup data for Receivables and Payables product.

Answer: BCD

After loading your budget data into Fusion General Ledger, you can view budget balances using these feature.

Which feature does not belong on the list?

A. Application Development Framework Desktop Integration(ADFdi)

B. Account Inspector

C. Account Monitor

D. Smart View

Answer: B

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