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Testpassport has released the latest dumps for Huawei H12-223-ENU exam, which is a required test for Huawei HCNP-R&S certification. To get this certification, you also need to pass H12-221-ENU and H12-222-ENU exams. At Testpassport, you can get the latest exam questions for all Huawei exams. 

Huawei certification H12-223-ENU test questions are written to the highest technical standards of accuracy and can make you a success in the exam. Huawei Certified IT Professional provides you the test to see if you master the basics of Huawei, and theoretical knowledge. Also provides self paced and interactive environment, so you experience the real atmosphere of H12-223-ENU to make exam preparation enhanced self-confidence to enter the examination room.

Share some HCNP-R&S H12-223-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following architectures does the current switch mainstream use?
A. Bus type
B. Shared memory type
C. Switching matrix type
D. Distributed
E. CLOS architecture
Answer: C

What are the three steps involved in cutover? (Multiple choice)
A. Snapshot before cutover
B. send down during cutover
C. Inspection after cutover
D. Council after cutover
Answer: ABC

When performing service operational status check, which of the following is true?
A. When check the multicast forwarding information, run “display multicast forwarding-table” command to check the Layer 2 multicast forwarding entries.
B. When checking the multicast routing protocol, run “display multicast routing-table” command to check the multicast routing table. If PIM-SM is used in the intra-domain multicast routing protocol, IGMP is not enabled on the interfaces connected to the multicast group.
C. When checking VRRP status, you can run “display vrrp” and “display vrrp statistics” commands to check. The “State” should be in the “Initialize” state.
D. When checking the anti-attack detection configuration, you can run “display current-configuration | include car” command. There should be anti-attack configuration. If it is not configured, you can use “car” command to configure the attack defense function for the device.
Answer: D

The current enterprise inner network often use private IP address to communicate, which of the following address is private IP address?
Answer: D

Two-layer network architecture compared with the three-layer network architecture, it has the advantages of simple structure and high efficiency of data forwarding. Therefore, the future network structure will be fully transferred to the two-layer network structure, three-layer network architecture will gradually be eliminated.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Which of the following is subprocess or stage of structured network troubleshooting process? (Multiple choice)
A. Contrast configuration
B. Report problem
C. list of reasons
D. One by one investigation
Answer: CD

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